Are you working and helping a large corporation get bigger and training their employees to help them? I was doing that too and other than the same pay every other week there was nothing to Uplift, validate and empowering me.

Bobbi Patchin Contact PageI have found a better way, network marketing gives you the chance to start your own business for a small investment, mentor people and build a team and in exchange for that you get compensated and recognized. You also get to build your own empire if that is what you wish to do.

I signed up to sell Younique Products and love the companies mission as well as the products and commission plan.

I help people shift from employee to owner and create their own destiny.

I also am able to show people with medical needs that they feel prevent them from achieving this goal how to do it, as I am awaiting a kidney transplant and must do dialysis 3 times a week.

I have not looked back since leaving corporate America and I find so much satisfaction is sharing my journey and helping others start their own journey however large or small they want it to be.

You can work virtually, in person or even trade shows the choice is yours.

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