Bobbi Patchin Work With MeIt’s very awesome that you hit this page and you’re looking to work more closely with me.
If you’re here on this page looking to partner with me in my Network Marketing Company and you want to become your own independent Entrepreneur then you landed in the right spot.


Being a mentor in the Industry since 2014 has exposed me to many different opportunity’s, products, compensation plans and programs but honestly, there are great specific reasons that I chose the company I’m with and here’s what’s important to me:

  • A mission based company
  • Great products that can be sold online and in person
  • Highly rated products
  • Products we buy everyday shipped to your door
  • Compensation plan that encourages leaders to lead

I am looking for men or woman who are:

  • Passionate about becoming an Entrepreneur
  • Believe in the companies mission
  • Believe in the products
  • No excuses just success minded
  • Dependable

If you are ready to start your business and run all the way to your dreams that I would love to talk with you.

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